Ballast Chlorine Neutraliser Liquid

Chlorine Neutraliser Liquid for Ballast tanks and other applications


This SODIUM META BI-SULPHITE 40% product is a de-chlorinating additive designed to quickly eliminate hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide solutions during post-chlorination flushing.

Physical State:                                Straw Coloured Liquid


pH                                                                             4.5 – 5.0

___________     _________________________

Specific Gravity (SG)                                     1.23 @ 16°C


• Measurement of chlorine levels prior to addition is necessary
• This solution is then used to dose a system according to;
– 3.7 ml per m³ of system water per 1 ppm of free chlorine
• The solution can then be added slowly, with agitation, to system waters
Please refer to material safety data sheet for detailed handling/storage instructions.
• Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes to prevent mild irritation.
• Product should not be ingested
SODIUM Meta BI-SULPHITE Treatments are shipped in 25 litre and 200 litre non-returnable

Used as part of the Ballast Water Exchange Programme regime

Ballast and Seawater

Ballast Tanks and Seawater Chemical Protection

Aquamarine offers a Ballast tank chemical corrosion inhibitor system often for ships in lay-up or untreated ballast tanks.

Seawater ballast chemical protection to comply with current legislation available.

Chemicals also for Ballast Water Exchange Programmes.

Ballast Tank Test kits available.

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