Boiling out compound

Boiling-Out Compound – for new Ship boilers or re-conditioned marine boilers

BOILING OUT COMPOUND is a powder chemical product used to protect and passivate new metals in any type of boiler.

For Pre-commisssioning or re-conditioned boilers.

It is primarily used for passivating steel boilers when they are new or when a boiler has been re-tubed. It is recommended to use approximately 4-5kg per tonne. It should be added in solution to the boiler water and the temperature elevated to maximum for a minimum of 5 hours.
The boiler should then be drained and flushed and subsequently chemically dosed with the Aquamarine Liquid Boiler Water Treatment according to the product information supplied.

Pack Size 25kg
Product Ref. 0027

BWT Organic 4

BWT Organic 4 – Oxygen Scavenger 

BWT Organic 4 is an environmentally safe oxygen scavenger based on neutralised organic acids and volatile amines.

It removes oxygen from feed-water as well as forming an organic iron compound on steel surfaces. It will also protect copper surfaces.

BWT Organic 4 can be used in low and medium pressure systems.

Directions for Use

BWT Organic 4 should be dosed to give a pH of 9.0-10.0 in the condensate returns.

If hot-well temperatures are maintained above 80⁰C a condensate pH range of 9.0-9.5 should be sought, if temperatures are lower than this then condensate returns should be maintained at a pH between 9.5-10.

Dose Rate

An initial dose rate of 0.2 Litre/m³ of boiler water should be used.

This can be increased to 0.7 Litre/m³ for systems showing signs of corrosion for a few days.

BWT Organic 4 should be dosed continuously via a metering pump directly into the feed system or the exhaust gas economiser circulating pump discharge.

BWT Organic 4 MUST NEVER BE SLUG DOSED to a running system via a hot-well or by-pass feeder.

Pack Size 25 Litre

BWT Organic 3

BWT Organic 3 

One-Shot Boiler Water Treatment

BWT Organic 3 is a liquid blend of neutralised organic acids, corrosion scale and sludge conditioners.

The product is designed for use in low or medium pressure boilers.

Polymer technology protects against scale, alkalinity is added to prevent corrosion and an organic compound is formed throughout the boiler to protect against corrosion.

Continuous dosing using a dosing pump is recommended.

It is also recommended to be used in conjunction with BWT Organic 4 which acts as an effective filming treatment on condensate lines.

BWT Organic 3 and BWT Organic 4 should not be mixed, so two separate dosing systems should be used.

Directions for Use

The boiler water should meet the following conditions

  • p-Alkalinity 150- 200ppm CaCO3
  • Chloride 100ppm max. for medium pressure boilers
  • Chloride 300ppm max. for low pressure boilers
  • pH 10.5 to 11.0
  • Conductivity 400-1000 micro Siemens/cm

Initial Dose 0.5 litre/metric  tonne of boiler water, then re-check dose to maintain pH and Alkalinity levels.

0.2 litres should be dosed/day to maintain treatment levels when combined with regular blow down.

Product Ref: Organic 3

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Sulphite Oxygen Controller

Sulphite Oxygen Controller

SULPHITE OXYGEN CONTROLLER is a liquid sodium sulphite product used for oxygen scavenging in low and medium pressure boilers.

How does it work?
SULPHITE OXYGEN CONTROLLER reacts rapidly with dissolved oxygen in the boiler to form inert sodium sulphate. this prevents damage caused by oxygen pitting and corrosion in the boiler. Oxygen Scavenger is a convenient to use liquid oxygen scavenger recommended for the complete removal of oxygen from deaerator heaters, feedwater storage areas, feedwater lines, ship condensate return lines, boiler internals and closed recirculating water systems.

The product is dosed to give a reservoir level of sodium sulphite in the boiler. If the reserve drops below a minimum level then oxygen corrosion will occur. It is therefore essential to maintain a level at all times. The product is used as part of a boiler water treatment programme.


Results of use
The interior of the boiler is protected from oxygen corrosion attack. However please note that extra solids are produced in the process so additional blow-down will be required.

Dosing and Sampling
A reserve of 30-50ppm sulphite (Aalborg recommend 30-60 p.p.m) should be maintained in the boiler. SULPHITE OXYGEN CONTROLLER should be dosed continuously to the boiler by means of a metering pump into the feed line after the recirculation line. Continuous dosing can also be achieved by dosing into the hotwell to a point as close to the feed water pump suction as possible, although efficiency is adversely affected by low hotwell temperatures. A daily analysis sample should be  taken after blow-down, cooled and tested immediately. Always take samples from the same location.

A representative sample of boiler water must be obtained, at an interval set by experience in operation of the boiler, usually every 3-5 days.  The sample should be taken after the regular blow down and analysed immediately.

The target parameter is 30-50ppm of sulphite. The product should be applied separately to CONDENSATE CONTROLLER and should not be mixed with any alkaline treatment.

18 p.p.m of Oxygen Scavenger are required for each p.p.m of dissolved oxygen, plus a slight excess residual for testing purposes.

Dose per M³ feed = (18 x p.p.m Oxygen) + (________65__________)
Boiler concentration factor

This formula will give 30 p.p.m sulphite as Na²So³
Where Feed temp = 80°C then p.p.m Oxygen = 2.9 p.p.m

Oxygen Scavenger liquid may be fed directly from the shipping container or diluted with clean condensate in a chemical mix tank. It is compatible with most boiler chemical additives except filming amines. Minimum agitation is suggested to prevent premature activation of the oxygen scavenger with oxygen (air) captured by mechanical action at the solution interface. Covered mix tanks or floating plastic plugs are desirable. It may be dosed in conjunction with Liquid Boiler Water Treatment PLEASE TAKE SPECIAL NOTE: DO NOT ADD NEAT LIQUID BOILER WATER TREATMENT AND SULPHITE OXYGEN SCAVENGER TOGETHER. Typically the neat sulphite Oxygen Scavenger should be added to pre-dilute Liquid Boiler Water Treatment in a mixing tank. A typical mix would be for a 100 litres of pre-mixed treatment: 75 litres water, 25 litres Liquid Boiler Water Treatment and 3 litres of Sulphite Oxygen Scavenger.

Oxygen Scavenger is controlled by maintaining a fixed sulphite excess of not less than 30 p.p.m in boilers or 3 p.p.m in feedwater lines, as detectable sulphite using a reagent dropper method or standard titration technique. Aalborg recommendation is 30 -60 p.p.m. Please check specific manufacturer’s instructions as they may vary.

Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes to prevent mild irritation. In case of accidental contact, flush area with water, and seek medical attention. Product should not be ingested. Please refer to Material Safety Data Sheets for detailed handling and storage information.

SULPHITE OXYGEN CONTROLLER is an catalysed sulphite oxygen scavenger used as part of a boiler water treatment programme in low or medium pressure boilers.

Pack Size – 25 litre Drum.
NSN J150-6810-99-378-4863

Product Ref. SOC

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